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The following is a list of parts to install the Rochester Quadrajet on your six cylinder car.

Offenhauser 5270LK Intake Manifold
General Motors from 4bbl -V8 cars Quadrajet Carburetor, air cleaner, throttle linkage
General Motors from 4bbl -V8 cars 1984 (third generation) Firebirds and Camaros (verify dimensions first!)
Edelbrock 2696 Squarebore to Spreadbore adapter (install inverted)
Offenhauser 5816-R Spreadbore to Squarebore adapter (for primaries forward)
Edelbrock 1932 Hot air to electric choke conversion kit (may need to add ground).  Take your chances with this or get a GM part.
Edelbrock 1991 (74 & earlier)
1992 (75 & later)
Race calibration kit (metering rods, jets, etc)
Mr Gasket 1487 Chrome 9" diameter air cleaner, 2¾" high. (Clearance not verified!)
Mr Gasket 97 or 86 (1/4")
98 or 86B (1/2")
Heat dissipator (if you have the hood clearance and you want to keep your carb cooler)
Mr Gasket 3704 Vacuum Cap Assortment
Any (for fuel line) 3/8" to 5/16" brake line bushing
Any (for fuel line) 12" to 18" of 5/16" ready-made brake line
Any (for fuel line) 2" of 5/16" rubber fuel line & 2 gear clamps
Any (for vacuum) 1/4" NPT pipe plug (to plug vacuum line to GM transmission)
Any fasteners assorted 5/16" nuts, bolts, washers, studs

Since I have already had a transmission throttle linkage in place which was working for the AFB, I didn't need to fabricate a new one. I researched the installation of a Lokar throttle linkage and they have the parts to make this carburetor work with the Quadrajet. Check with first before buying any parts, just to be sure!

The following is a list of Lokar parts to install the Rochester Quadrajet on your six cylinder car.

SRK-4000 Universal throttle cable bracket & springs
TC-1000U Universal black throttle cable
KD-2904U Chrysler A904 automatic transmission kickdown cable
Gas Pedals Pick one to suit your style

If you want to go instead with the stock GM throttle cable, brackets, and gas pedal, you can easily fabricate a bracket to mount the kickdown cable by itself.