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With the good weather persisting into fall of 2016, I decided that November 13 was going to be the day I reinstalled my Quadrajet.  The first thing to tackle was deleting the 1-7/16" high collar spot-welded to the air cleaner's pan.


With pan painted black, it's hard to see the collar but, after comparing 2004 1/8 mile times at Lancaster, running with the unmodified air cleaner was definitely slower than with no air cleaner.


There were 4 spot welds holding the collar on.  One weld was not easily visible and I guessed at its location but was off about 1/4".  I used my die grinder and went through 5 bits in the process. My wife is very understanding and didn't complain too much about the fumes when I used the oven to bake the touch-up black paint.


After taking the AFB off, I was once again looking at my 90° carb adapter.  The studs that hold down the carb are locked with nuts under the adapter.  I had to remove the nuts so I could install bolts in the outer holes to hold down the adapter.


I got rid of the large heat shield because it make it much more difficult to install the spreadbore adapter bolts.  I had my doubts that it was providing much benefit and I used a gasket-shaped heat dissipator plate instead.  I exchanged a pair of short studs for long studs at this time. Depending upon whether the carb runs hot and available hood clearance, I may have to use longer studs later.


The Quadrajet looks pretty good back on the slant six.  It took some work to get the car running because the idle mixture screws were turned in and the car would stall as soon as choke started to open.  I also had to bend the throttle bracket forward because I couldn't reduce the idle speed otherwise.