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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 20:55

1965 Plymouth Barracuda
Products geared mainly towards slant six powered cars.

You may find the following products at our e-store.

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90° Square Bore Adapter, Slant Six 90º Adapter Plate to mount Holley/AFB carb on Offenhauser 4bbl Intake manifold.  Machined from 1/2" 6061-T6 aluminum.  Throttle shafts are parallel to engine for symmetrical fuel distribution.  Throttle linkage is not included.  Fasteners are included.
Starter Solenoid Mounting Plate, Slant Six Starter solenoid mounting plate kit.  Machined from 3/8" 6061-T6 aluminum.  Bolts onto bottom of Slant Six intake manifold and allows the use of stock starter with twin Dutra Duals exhaust manifolds.  Fasteners are included.
Silicone Heater Hose Upgrade Kit Silicone Heater Hose Upgrade Kit.  Always easily removable and lasts forever.  Kit consists of:
  • 3' of 1/2" hose
  • 4' of 5/8" hose
  • 2 each of 1/2" SS ET gear clamps
  • 4 each of 5/8" SS ET gear clamps 

Never replace a heater hose again!

Need a different size or length? Let us know!

Intake manifold heater kit, Slant Six Intake manifold heater kit for manifold with OEM-style exhaust manifold.  Machined from 1/2" 6061-T6 aluminum.  Helps fuel distribution and minimizes off-idle bog by restoring a hot spot in the intake manifold  floor.  Includes starter solenoid mounting holes when using headers or twin Dutra Duals exhaust manifolds. Bolts onto bottom of Slant Six intake manifold and has a machined-in pocket to match the bottom of the intake manifold.  Splice it into the return line from the heater core.  Kit consists of:
  • 3 each of 5/16" nuts, bolts, & washers
  • 2 each of 3/4" brass street elbows
  • 2 each of 5/8" brass hose barb to 3/4" NPT adapters
  • 10' of silicone hose
  • 2 each of 5/8" ET-10 SS Gear Clamps

(The most expensive part of this kit is the hose.  We recommend it because of the heater's close proximity to the exhaust pipes.)

QuadraJet Mounting Kit, Slant Six Rochester QuadraJet mounting kit for 4bbl intake manifold.  You supply the fuel line, carb, air cleaner, and throttle linkage.  Reuse your old fuel line or make one from 5/16" brake line.  Kit includes:
  • Edelbrock PN2696 Spreadbore to Squarebore adapter
  • Edelbrock PN1932 Hot Air to Electric Choke Conversion
  • Mr Gasket PN 3704 Vacuum Cap Assortment
  • 3/8" to 5/16" Fuel Line Bushing
  • 1/4" brass NPT Pipe Plug

If you are looking for a carb for your Offy intake, remember that a new Holley 390 CFM 4bbl is more expensive.  Check the performance products page for current pricing.

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