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Saturday, 17 January 2009 18:19
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For anyone contemplating a propane conversion on their on-the-road vehicle, only permanently-mounted ASME motor fuel tanks are permitted.  Many propane conversion web sites and discussions on internet forums recommend the use of DOT lift truck fuel tanks.  These are illegal and dangerous for use in on-road vehicles.

The off-roaders like the DOT tanks because they are portable and they can change out a fuel tank on the trail if they run out.  Fork lift tanks are available in 20, 33.5, and 43.5 lb sizes.  Liquid propane's specific volume is 8.547 ft³/lb which corresponds to 4.24 lb/gallon (US) 5.1 lb/gallon (Imperial).  Therefore, this corresponds to capacities of 4.72, 7.90, and 10.26 US gallons.  However, a motor fuel tank's much greater capacity virtually eliminates the possibility of running out fuel from a single day of off-roading.

The main reason that DOT tanks are dangerous for use in motor vehicles that they are not designed to withstand collisions.  Plain and simple: ASME tanks are designed for use in motor vehicles and DOT tanks are designed for lift trucks.  If you have an off-road vehicle and decide use a DOT tank, do NOT mount it inside the vehicle.  A spark from a switch (from opening the door, etc) can set off an explosion from a leaking fitting or from the blow-off of the safety relief valve.  You must have a vapour box around the fittings of tank mounted inside a vehicle.


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